A person who has a disability is unlike a person who has an illness or a treatable medical condition. Whereas an illness can be cured, a disability is a lifelong condition. Individuals with disabilities require constant supports. And providing those necessary supports is at the core of TRC Foundation and The Resource Center.

Though TRC Foundation and The Resource Center are separate entities, their missions are linked: to provide services and supports that enable persons with disabilities to become independent, productive, participating members of society. And the two organizations also strive to help the community recognize and understand the values and contributions that people with disabilities make at home, at work, and in their neighborhoods.

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Because people with disabilities need supports that others may take for granted — in areas such as education, employment, skills of daily living, and participation in recreational and social activities — community support of TRC Foundation and The Resource Center is critical. For while our agencies are able to meet many of the needs surrounding persons with disabilities, there are also a myriad of needs that go unmet. Meeting this challenge is what drives us in our efforts.

Special events such as the TRC golf Classic, administered by TRC Foundation and Street Jam, Laurel Run, and  Step up for Autism administered by Filling the Gap continue to provide critical support for our operations by generating needed funds for TRC Foundation’s endowment while raising public awareness about people with disabilities. By being a sponsor, volunteer, or participant in these special events, you are championing the cause of TRC Foundation and The Resource Center while improving the lives of people with disabilities.

We believe a partnership exists among persons and families who are touched by a disability, TRC Foundation and The Resource Center, individuals and corporate donors who believe in and support our missions, and the staff who provide services to persons with disabilities on a daily basis. Every component of this partnership is critical. Working together we have accomplished great things, and we will continue to do so in the future.

This web site highlights some of TRC Foundation’s activities and focuses on the accomplishments of some of the people who have received Foundation funding. We hope that in visiting our site, you will become interested in the works of TRC Foundation and will be inspired to make a contribution to help us further our mission.

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