Boards of Directors Hold Joint Holiday Party

Members of the Boards of Directors of The Resource Center, TRC Foundation and the corporations that operate within the Filling the Gap network gathered together January 12 for their second annual holiday party.

The event, held at The Resource Center’s Administrative Office on Dunham Avenue in Celoron, was an opportunity for Board members to interact socially while learning about the 2014 accomplishments of the various organizations represented.  Informational displays were set up throughout TRC’s Conference Center, and Board members were able to stop by the displays to view the material and talk with staff.

A buffet catered by Miley’s was available during the social hour.  Afterwards, a brief meeting was held.  The session included a panel discussion featuring individuals who experience TRC and the corporations from different perspectives:

  • Wayne and Elaine Hotelling, who are parents of a woman who has developmental disabilities
  • Althea Maxwell, a TRC employee
  • John Labadie, a former TRC employee who suffered a stroke several years ago and now receives supports through New Vision Services
  • Melissa Johnston of Truck-Lite, a company that provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities.

Following the panel discussion, presents were given to Board members as a token of appreciation for their volunteer service.  Before the gifts were presented, remarks were made by Dr. Todd Jacobson, the President of The Resource Center’s Board; Mark Olson, the Vice Chair of TRC Foundation’s Board; and Michael Felice, the Chair of the Filling the Gap Board and of the Boards of the corporations operating within the FTG network.

The presents – a specially made Beer Hat featuring the logos of our major special events (as well as the logos of a number of area businesses) filled with candy plus wine glass charms made by individuals with disabilities at TRC’s Work Centers – were handed out by TRC Executive Director Paul Cesana and Denise Jones, TRC’s Associate Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Portions of the event were recorded and then converted into a program that was broadcast on The Resource Center’s bi-weekly radio show on WJTN 1240 AM.  Click here to listen to that program.  And tune in every other Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. to here TRC’s radio program, called “Share the Vision!”

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