Freda Eddy Memorial Fund



Income from this fund, named for one of the founding members of The Resource Center, supports the General Fund.  The Freda Eddy Fund had a balance of $10,623 as of 9/30/15.




The Freda Eddy Fund: A Link to TRC’s Past (from October 2013)

As parents of a daughter with developmental disabilities who grew up in the 1950 and ’60s, Freda Eddy and her husband, DeWitt, became founding members of The Resource Center. Freda volunteered at the organization for years before becoming an employee in 1971 as the only Secretary when The Resource Center was located in the Brooklyn Square area of Jamestown.  She later worked as a Secretary on the second floor of the Work Center in Jamestown for a number of years, back when everyone was located in the facility on Jones & Gifford Avenue.  She then worked with Donna Lundmark at the “Passages” program, which was located on Jones & Gifford at the time.  Donna is now TRC’s Executive Administrative Assistant.

“Freda was 81 when she began her secretarial career and was a very diminutive, feisty person who had never done clerical work, but took on the challenge of brushing up on her typing, and assisted me in the office three days a week in the morning by doing typing and filing,” said Donna.  “Freda would often take her brown bag lunch to the cafeteria and eat lunch with her daughter Susie.”

Susie Eddy lived in one of TRC’s homes and participated in the Day Program for many of her adult years before she passed away in 2004.  Freda passed away in 1990.

“Freda Eddy was a sweetheart,” said Nancy Ingram, TRC Assistant Director. “Her office was open to anyone who had a problem or a concern.  At times, she’d even make you a cup of tea.  She was just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my whole life.  She’d do anything for you.”

“Freda Eddy was such a breath of fresh air.  She knew what needed to be done and did it, with dedication and a wild sense of humor,” said Jane Young, Site Supervisor for the Jamestown Rehabilitation Program.  “Freda Eddy was an integral part of the foundation on which The Resource Center ideals are based and still followed today.  I had the honor, privilege and pleasure of working with her when I started at TRC 30 years ago and hold dear lessons that I learned from her, and hope to continue to pass them along to staff, as they are the future of TRC.”

“Freda was also ready to listen, loan a few dollars or give a ride to any of the consumers being served, or to the staff working at TRC,” said Donna.  “She always had a smile for everyone and epitomized the spirit of our logo mantra, `Making a Difference in People’s Lives.’  Freda was and still is an inspiration to me and to all those who had the privilege of knowing her.”

“She was like a mother to all, one of the parents of the initial establishment.  She knew all the kids, she knew the parents.  She just loved everyone, and if you needed something, you’d go to her,” said Kay Nary, who officially retired in 2006 but continues to support TRC on a volunteer basis.  “We worked together, and she took great notes and minutes at meetings.  She well documented the past.  It’s important to keep her memory and fund alive, because if you don’t know your history, or past, you don’t have any idea of your future.  How can you appreciate where you are now, if you don’t know where you came from?  That is Mrs. Eddy.  She paved the way.”

“Without that fund,” said Nancy, “you would lose a piece of history, part of the early days.  We all loved her.”

Click here to make a donation to the Freda Eddy Fund. To learn more about the fund, phone Cindy Phillips at 661-1519.