2013 Grants

Program Area: Day Habilitation Services

Grant Awarded: Educational/Wellness Classes – Greystone
Amount Funded: $600
Description: To fund visits and programs for day habilitation consumers at the Greystone Nature Preserve/

Program Area: Vocational Rehabilitation

Grant Awarded:   Engineering Operational Support
Amount Funded: $5000 matching
Description: Will provide funds to offset the costs of reengineering work processes so that additional people with disabilities can be employed and trained in the TRC Work Centers in Dunkirk and Jamestown.

Program Area: Health Services

Grant Awarded: ADOS – 2 Assessment for Autism Screenings
Amount Funded: $2400
Description: This tool will enhance the ability of the Health Services program to perform autism screenings and diagnosis.

Grant Awarded: Dental Chair
Amount Funded: $7500 matching
Description: This will replace a donated chair in operatory #4 that is nearing the end of its usable life span.

Grant Awarded: Tuition and Supplies for the Success Program
Amount Funded: $3000
Description: This will allow for additional participants including those who don’t meet the current Family Support Services funding requirements.

Program Area: Social Services

Grant Awarded: OPWDD Eligibility Funding
Amount Funded: $5000
Description: Provides funding for uninsured children in order conduct necessary evaluations to complete OPWDD eligibility determination.
Program Area: Children’s Services

Grant Awarded: Parent Support Groups, Workshops, Advocacy
Amount Funded: $3000
Description: Provides funds to continue various parent support programs aimed at families that have children with developmental disabilities as well as allow for expansion.

Grant Awarded: Support for SibShops, Outreach and Advocacy
Amount Funded: $3000
Description: To increase the number of Sibshop programs. These programs are offered to children and teens ages 6-16 with brothers and sisters that have special needs. These programs help them to better understand their siblings disability, cope with their own feelings and feel empowered and supported

Program Area: Chautauqua Connections

Grant Awarded: Children’s initiative Project
Amount Funded: $5000 match
Description: Provide continued funding for data research and agency collaboration efforts in order to ensure better outcomes for children ages 0-5 with disabilities, developmental delays or living in poverty and at risk

Program Area: Team Services

Grant Awarded: Voucher Transportation Program
Amount Funded: $22,500
Description: Provides transportation to individuals with disabilities that have no other source or funding

Program Area: Filling the Gap

Grant Awarded: Community Support Fund
Amount Funded: $15,000
Description: Provides a safety net to address a variety of individual’s needs in which all other funding opportunities have been exhausted.