Fitness and fun: Teen uses Foundation funds to purchase bicycle

Fifteen-year-old Hunter Woodard-Meadows of Falconer can now ride alongside his friends and keep in shape at the same time, thanks to the new bike he received last fall. “I really like it, and I’m very grateful. It’s important to me, because now I can have something to do when my friends want to come over and go outside,” said Hunter. “It’s actually a pretty good way to stay healthy, and everyone should have at least some way to
stay fit.”

With the help of his Service Coordinator at the time, Bruce Jackson, funding for the bike came from the Kathy Seastedt “Dream On“ Memorial Fund and was purchased at the Jock Shop in Jamestown. The Jock Shop donated a helmet to Hunter to help keep him safe while he rides.

“We thought it would be a great idea for Hunter to burn off some energy, plus become healthier,” said Bruce. “I’m very grateful to the Foundation. The Foundation is wonderful. They understand that there is a certain, specific way of going about equating what people’s wishes are with the equipment necessary to pull off their goals.”

He credits Hunter’s mom, Audrey, for researching which bike would be best for her son. “It’s really been a blessing. It’s really been fun for Hunter to do things with his friends and reach his goals,” Audrey said.

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