TRC Foundation helps girl’s Scout dream come true

Abbey Lee of Jamestown is living out her dream of being in the Girl Scouts. Now in her second year, Abbey enjoys her time as a Brownie. “Because you can do fun stuff,” said Abbey. “We play, we sing, and I love that.” Abbey is also carrying on a family tradition, as her mom and grandmother were once in the Girl Scouts as well. “She loves it. She loves playing with her friends, the interaction, the socialization. She likes doing the crafts,” said Tina Brooks, Abbey’s grandmother.

In order to keep up with the rest of the group, Abbey needed a uniform sash for her badges and the required book so she could do her activities at home. With the help of TRC Service Coordinator Shelby Surrena, Tina was able to get financial assistance from TRC Foundation’s Kathy Seastedt “Dream On” Memorial Fund. Kathy was a 25-year employee of The Resource Center when she passed away in 2008.

Individuals with disabilities and their families are grateful for the support they receive from the Dream On Fund every year. “Very grateful,” said Tina. “Especially with taxes, any little extra money helps.” Abbey also recently earned her official sweater for selling Girl Scout cookies, her favorite of which is the Thin Mint.

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